Is Passion Enough to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Being a successful entrepreneur requires combining passion with logical thinking, answering fundamental questions about your journey, goals, and challenges, and having a solid business concept.

Nov 30, -0001

3 Tips for Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Want to succeed in any career or life path? Develop an entrepreneurial mindset, own your growth, and become more creative and productive. Here's how to get started with three essential tips.

Nov 30, -0001

From Self-Doubt to Entrepreneurial Mindset: My Journey

I lacked confidence in business decisions, but I committed to being authentic, building self-confidence, and a positive attitude. This was the start of my entrepreneurial mindset.

Nov 30, -0001

Passion and Logic: Lessons From Entrepreneurship in Post-Conflict West Africa

The Ebola crisis reduced demand for my training, increased uncertainty, and tested my emotional and mental resilience. It led to the closure of my business, but passion helped me remember my purpose.

May 09, 2023